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Carnival of Souls [1962] - Original Soundtrack [1998].

Were it not for Gene Moore's organ music in Carnival of Souls, about fifty pecent of the film would be silent. Producer Herk Harvey knew money would be tight, so he asked me to write a script that called for little on-street dialogue and post-dubbing. Gene Moore's score and organ playing marvelously filld those silences with the kinds of audio moods, tensions and linkages our sensibilities relish.
All three of us were accustomed to working in the field of non-theatrical films, where each specialist was expeced to do his job fast and effectively. Harvey started shooting Carnival of Souls the day after I finished the second draft of the script, and Gene Moore's organ music was introduced into the sound mix the day after he recorded it. In short, everybody was loose and did a lot of creative improvising.
The result, as many reviews of this film and of it's musical score attest, can sometimes be surprising.
John Clifford


01. Introduction
02. Departure
03. I don't know about that girl
04. Interlude #1
05. Travel music
06. First visitation
07. Second visitation
08. You can't live in isolation
09. Stirring the soul
10. First trip to the carnival
11. Hot bath
12. Church organ #1
13. Third visitation
14. Storm
15. Church is just a place of business
16. Haunted
17. Let's have no more nights
18. Interlude #2
19. Dark entry
20. As if I didn't exist
21. Second trip to the carnival
22. Dark footsteps
23. Profane - Sacrilege
24. At the bar #1
25. At the bar #2
26. Left alone
27. Second departure
28. Eastbound bus
29. Isolation
30. I don't know what's real anymore
31. Carnival of souls
32. Mary's theme
33. Herk Harvey speaks
34. Church organ #2
35. Church organ #3
36. Psycho carnival organ
37. Carnival rock